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"I like the booking system it is easy to use, and then you get email to confirm. The interpreters have always attended appointments promptly"

"I liked the fact you supplied the same interpreter (on my request) for the same family on each occasion I visited the family. This built up trust between myself, the Interpreter and family. This is important when you are supporting vulnerable families."

"Service was very good and provided a skilled interpreter in a situation where others were unable to do so. We have very positive feedback from our volunteers about how helpful the interpreter had been."

"The service that we received was excellent. The interpreter came to our premises and was very professional and helpful."

"Overall the service is great, even on short notice the service is able to provide any interpreter no matter what the language."

"I have worked abroad in the past within a UN organisation for which interpreters were used. However, I think the interpreters used by Voice Over are best I have ever come across. The translators I have seen translating at client meetings have gained the client's trust and made the client comfortable which is important in view of the subject matters often discussed at the meetings. On a recent occasion, a vulnerable individual had been referred and had instructed at least two solicitors in the past, and said after her meeting with us that it was the first time that she ever had her case explained to her, and she asked for the same interpreter to attend future meetings with her. It was important for the client to feel comfortable not only with the interviewer but also with the interpreter, as we were discussing highly sensitive issues."

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